Commercial Permanent Lighting

Certified Lighting Pros is excited to partner with Inception Lighting™ to provide a permanent RGB roofline lighting solution for any commercial property.

Bring your business out of the dark ages with Inception Lighting's permanent RGB Solution.

Permanent Lighting

No matter what industry your business is in, the most important factor is the satisfaction and appeal that your business provides your customers. Here at Certified Lighting Pro's, we specialize in creating and customizing a professional lighting design to help your business attract more customers and help you thrive in your specific industry. At Certified Lighting Pro's, we provide LED products to enhance safety, entertainment, and relaxation for your business property and help you bring in more business. And our team of professionals cares about your needs, which is why we will always do our absolute best to provide you with the quality lighting services and products that you and your business deserve!
Permanent Lighting

Bright and bold lights will reinforce your brand identity, advertise promotions and maintain unquestioned visibility for your business or commercial property. Inception Lighting is an excellent way to communicate to the masses. The idea of “any color, any season, any reason” turns traditional marketing on its head.

A special color for happy hour? Sure! A color for freshly made hot donuts or cookies? Indeed. Or simply the fact that your place of business is open and ready for customers...your message will be seen.

Inception Lighting is designed for businesses in mind. The uniquely scalable system's app allows delegation to a user or a group of user's devices to control and schedule the lights. Permissions can be assigned or reassigned at any time. Have multiple locations, or the need to remotely control the lights and remote scheduling? That is an option with the additional Gateway. Gateways can be hardwired into the network, or if you are a location where security is a concern, there is a cellular version to keep lighting control off your network entirely.

App Based Control Color changing events are custom scheduled on the App from any iOS or Android compatible smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth mesh technology links multiple controllers for nearly unlimited lighting in an area.

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