Municipality Permanent Lighting

Certified Lighting Pros is excited to partner with Inception Lighting™ to provide a permanent RGB roofline lighting solution for any municipal property.

Revitalize your city

Revitalize your city with brilliant exterior lighting while establishing your commitment to green initiatives that will ultimately save money.

Our exterior lighting system can make your city more inviting and build pride among residents. Inception lighting improvements will energize your city, encouraging citizens and visitors to explore and engage. Creating community engagement by showcasing homecoming, special downtown/business district events, or promoting night life.

Revitalize your city

The architectural accent lighting gives the appearance of decorative molding during the day and fits seamlessly into a building's facade. The unique product design covers the bulbs, so they won't detract from the aesthetics of the building. While laying out the control system, group multiple buildings together to seamlessly sync the entire town on one schedule. Or create groups of buildings to separate and identify different areas of town. The result is lighting that is visually appealing while celebrating your community.

Foster PRIDE in your Community

Make outdoor spaces vibrant and brighten those spots that are meaningful to citizens.

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